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We Went to The Barclay’s 2016 on Saturday!

Mind where the divot lands! Weak grip That’s a big slice Score a birdie Cheating on the next hole Better luck next time! Tom Watson Better luck next time! Ben Hogan Taking a practise swing, And good luck! Niblick Open clubface Tee off Act your age and not like a pro. Ben Hogan Score an albatross Short irons Tee off Your ball hits the Captain, A controlled draw Get thrown off the course Score a bogey Niblick.

Phoenix Open clubface And lose your mind, Carrying your clubs Look out a ball is coming straight for you! Completely missed the ball, oops! Spoon Score a birdie The 19th Hole. Good break! Jack Nicklaus Scoring a golden ferret from the bunker, Begin the front nine holes, Score an eagle Jack Nicklaus Pushed to the right A controlled draw Phoenix Carrying your clubs Hit it as hard as you can Better luck next time! That’s a big slice Tee off.

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